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If you’re thinking about transitioning to natural hair, going for the big chop may be the way to go! It’s certainly dramatic, and can be very liberating. However, if you’ve had long hair for a long time, going short can be scary. Short hair styles are sexy, chic, and fun, but first you have to know what to do with your natural hair after you cut it.

In today’s blog post, our Birmingham natural hair salon is sharing some styles that work great for natural hair as well as how to maintain your natural hair. Continue reading to learn more, and if you’d like to schedule a consultation at Swoope Hair, contact us today!

Short Hair Styles

Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA)

This is often the first stage after the big chop, and it’s about a 1/2-1-inch of natural hair. It’s usually the same length all around and they’re one of the best short natural hairstyles to have fun with. A TWA shouldn’t be boring or embarrassing, and it can be really flattering. Many women who come into our natural hair salon say things like “I don’t have the right face for short hair.” Here at Swoope Hair, we’re here to tell you anyone can rock a short natural do! When you go for a TWA, there’s no hiding behind your hair, and it can really be a way to gain confidence with your new look and experiment with a new style. Who knows, you may want to rock a teeny weeny afro for years!

Shaved Sides

Shaved sides are incredibly popular, and it gives you some room to play creatively. You can get a simple fade or add depth with a line cut into the side. Plus, if you end up not liking what you’ve done, the sides will grow out and you can shave them again or restyle. One of the great things about a short natural hair cut is that you can play with it — let the top grow out, add twists, or even extensions. 

Tapered Cut

This classic short style means the hair gradually decreases in length from the top of the head down to the neck. It’s playful and gives you a lot of movement on the top of your head and you can easily grow out the taper if you want. It’s a way to celebrate your natural curls and can be left free, twisted, placed in finger coils, and more. You can get a signature swoope silk press if you want to play with safely straightening your hair.

Bold Color

Playing with color is great on short hair, since you can just cut it back when you want a change. You can use permanent, semi-permanent, or even temporary hair colors to alter your style. Playing with color allows you to experiment even more, and here at Swoope Hair in Birmingham, we’re more than happy to talk with you about your color options and color your hair for you!

Wash & Go

No matter what type of hair you have, you can ask for a wash & go style —  and it’s great for shorter hair. Because there are less tangles to fight with shorter hair, it’s a great low-maintenance style. Plus, it’s a great way to get to know your hair texture and gives you a starting point for adding things like color and new cuts.

Sponge Curls

Men have rocked sponge curls on natural hair for years, but it’s becoming a more and more popular style for women with short natural hair. They’re twisted and created using an everyday sponge. At Swoope Hair in Birmingham we’re more than happy to teach you how to create this style! They look especially good with a bright color and many choose this style if they don’t have a pronounced curl definition. 

Twist or Braid Outs

If you’re looking for uniform curls and curl definition, a twist or braid out a short natural hair style may be for you! We offer both here at Swoope Hair natural hair salon, they’re a great way to decrease tangles. If you’ve just gone for the big chop and are unsure what to do with your new hair, a twist or braid out is a great place to start.

Buzz Cut

If you really want a dramatic look, go for a buzz cut! Don’t worry, you still have hair and can style it —  especially if you leave the top a little longer and chave in a side part. Nothing is sexier than a woman who has the confidence to rock a natural, nearly-bald look!


If you haven’t noticed already, short natural hair is all about having fun and experimenting with style — and that includes playing with new accessories that work well with short hair. Try adding jeweled headbands, colorful scarves, turbans, and more. Even big jewelry and eye makeup can dramatically change-up your look. Have fun playing with textures and colors and find what makes you feel beautiful. 

Swoope Hair Natural Hair Salon

Our Birmingham natural hair salon specializes in helping women enjoy incredibly healthy, natural hair. We use high-quality products for all of our styles, including our signature swoope press. We also use innovative techniques to create stunning, personalized results for every single client — including short natural hair styles. Whether you choose to relax your hair, let your curls bounce, rock braids, or more, we can help you discover the style you’ve been dreaming of! Check our hair styles page and book with Brittany Swoope and Swoope Hair today!