1. Need a scalp detox hero image with woman twirling hair

    What Is A Scalp Detox & Do I Need One?

    Detoxing your scalp is a great way to care for your natural hair. If you have an itchy scalp or are dealing with dandruff, a scalp detox may be the way to go! Continue reading to learn more, and if you’d like more information, contact Swoope Hair, a Birmingham natural hair salon. What Is A Scalp D…Read More

  2. detangling natural hair feature img

    Tips For Detangling Natural Hair

    Naturally curly hair can easily become tangled, knotted, or matted, and regular detangling is a key part of hair care. Not only does it help make styling your hair easier, but it also helps prevent breakage and support hair growth. Learning how to properly detangle natural hair will keep your hair l…Read More

  3. Signs You May Need A New Hair Stylist

    How do you know when it’s time for a new hairstylist or a new hair salon? Switching stylists, even within the same salon, can sometimes feel like you’re breaking up. But just like all relationships, people evolve and want to try something new. In today’s blog post, Swoope Hair is sharing a cou…Read More

  4. Healthy Hair Tips For Natural Hair

    Here at Swoope Hair in Birmingham, our goal is to help women learn to care for their natural hair! A big part of that is the hair habits you form outside our natural hair salon. If you’re new to rocking natural hair, or are concerned about length, it’s important to focus on the health of the hai…Read More

  5. How To Figure Out Your Curl Type

    Finding your curl type can be confusing! Everyone’s natural hair is unique, and while categorizations are helpful, hair isn’t mean to be put in a box! Several textures can exist on one head alone, and your hair may fall between categories. Plus, there’s some debate among natural hair stylists …Read More

  6. Protective Styles For Natural Hair

    It’s winter, and even here in Birmingham, the temperatures drop and the air gets dryer. Colder, drier weather can be especially damaging to natural hair, and wind dehydrates your curls and can lead to breakage. That’s why protective styles are so important, not only for keeping your hair healthy…Read More

  7. woman with natural hair

    Natural Hair 101 – How To Care For Your Natural Hair

    My mission here at Swoope Hair natural hair salon is to help women enjoy healthy, natural hair. But if you’ve been relaxing your hair your whole life, the shift to natural hair can be overwhelming! That’s one of the reasons why I started my Natural Hair Mastery for Beginners four-week course and…Read More

  8. image of a woman with short natural hair

    To Go Short Or Not? Rock These Short Natural Haircuts

    If you’re thinking about transitioning to natural hair, going for the big chop may be the way to go! It’s certainly dramatic, and can be very liberating. However, if you've had long hair for a long time, going short can be scary. Short hair styles are sexy, chic, and fun, but first you have to k…Read More

  9. black woman smiling

    What’s A Silk Press And Should I Get One?

    Here at Swoope Hair natural hair salon in Birmingham, we specialize in the signature swoope press! It’s a great way to get a sleek, no-nonsense look. But in order to prevent heat damage, it’s not something we recommend trying at home. You need to utilize the correct hair products and tools to ge…Read More

  10. Photo of five women with natural hair sitting outside by Leighann Blackwood on Unsplash

    Essential Products For Natural Hair

    Transitioning to natural hair can be a challenge — check out some tips on how to do it in our last blog post. Any time you change up your hair style, it’s a good idea to try out a couple new products to see if they’ll better suit your styling needs.  This is especially true when you decide to…Read More